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Digital printing

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The project should be prepared with 3-mm bleed.


only 80g

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in accordance with our punching die (briefcases, CD packaging, envelopes) max. format 300x840mm


max. format 300x840mm

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0 zł
Minimum order amount: 40 PLN

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Colours: front - colours, back - none
Foiling: no
Book folding: no
Creasing: no
Die-cutting : no
Laminating: no

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Dostawa w Poznaniu 12,00 zł
Przy zamówieniu powyżej 300,00 zł dostawa GRATIS


Zamówienia do 300,00 zł + 12,00 zł

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Print quickly at the highest quality. We offer digital printing with 1200 dpi. Maximum paper size 330 x 900 mm. On coated, satin and decorative papers, weighing between 80-350g. We are able to print every volume – even one copy.

Low volumes are executed in digital printing technology using new machines by KONICA MINOLTA, higher volumes are executed in the technique of offset printing using KBA machines.

We offer comprehensive services in the field of digital printing.
Do you need any volume of folders, business cards, letterheads, brochures, calendars, etc.?

  • Do you want to develop and print advertising materials?
  • Do you have an unusual order to be executed?
  • Do you expect the completion date within 24 h or immediately?
  • You do not have time to drive around a city?

Welcome to our printing house in Poznań or send orders electronically.
FREE delivery (with orders above 500.00 PLN net).

You have no idea how to print advertising materials? It is not a problem – order at us.


Digital printing characterizes with the following features:

  • Materials for printing are delivered to a printing device in a form of computer data.
  • You can change any graphics or text for each subsequent print (personalization).
  • Immediate execution of orders. Preparatory phase is very short and can be done while printing other orders.
  • Quality of prints is much higher than prints executed with a typical printer or plotter and is similar to offset.
  • Printing speed is much faster than conventional computer printers, although a little slower than offset (for typical digital printing machine working in electrophotographic technique in the range from several to approx. 200 A4 pages/min.).
  • Possibility to print on a variety of substrates and in a wide range of weights.
  • No need for preparation of a printing form significantly reduces the cost of printing, especially in terms of low and very low volumes, and involves a very short time to the first print.
  • Savings due to no testing prints. The first print descending from the machine is a production copy.
  • Printing price of only one copy and printing price of one copy at high volume is the same, while the market prices of these copies, taking into account the preparatory phase (computer processing) are slightly different, considerably less than offset, and it is, in practice, the ratio approx. 1:2 to 1:5 (for offset, the ratio would be much higher).
  • Each renewal of a printed image allows to personalize prints, i.e. providing each print with individual serial number, using mailing lists, etc.
  • There is no downtime between following orders, archiving and re-printing are easy, rapid, and what is very important – repetitive.
  • All digital image processing provides a number of possibilities, such as scaling, or easy and complete colour management.
  • The quality of digital printing is not much, but still noticeably worse than offset – especially in full covers, i.e. aplas.
  • The costs of digital printing are approx. one to a few hundred pieces for identical prints, because offset is more profitable with higher volumes.
  • A significant drawback is a small size of the paper. Devices for digital printing working in the electrophotographic technology, larger than B3, are still rare.

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