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- dimensions: 90 x 50 or 55 x 85 mm
- paper chalk 350 gram
- full colour

Possibility to print multiple versions of business cards, e.g. 100 pieces of business cards registered for A person, 100 pieces for B person.
You pay for 200 pieces, instead of 2 x 100 pieces. (please, describe it in the comments box).

Select business cards

PAPER CHALK 350 G, 4+0

PAPER CHALK 350 G, 4+4

PAPER SATIN 350 G, 4+0

PAPER SATIN 350 G, 4+4

PAPER METALLIC (PEARL or other decorative to select) 300 G, 4+0

PAPER METALLIC (PEARL or other decorative to select) 300 G, 4+4

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